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LOTS [Apr. 7th, 2004|11:29 pm]
So this one time life decided to take a really diff path. I bought a 98 Eclipse GS and some performance parts - got enrolled in WyoTech for July 5th under the high performance engine program. Me in an Eclipse is totally weird. I love it... but its not me at all. Ive put an intake on and bought coilovers to lower it 4 inches... I cant keep buying stuff like this. #1 no job... dont got it... not even lookin for one #2 I now have the Eclipse to pay for... insurance... and now WyoTech. Ive got to find some way to work this out

I got accepted to WyoTech Monday. I enrolled in the Automotive - High Performance Engine classes along wit business classes to get my Associates. Im gonna make some money when I get done. Thats what I really want to do tho. Ive grown to love cars. I also might go back and take the body classes so I have exterior and interior master crafts next summer.

Of course there is always the chance Ill get deployed to Kuwait/Iraq. Now the rumor is Ill be there by this fall which didnt make me too happy. I dont want to miss school.

Now on top of this there is Ash. Of course we just had to be doing great before I decided to go to WyoTech... Now its just weird cause we both know Im leaving.

Money is getting very tight. I dont even know where it is going. I have to put deposits on classes and rent and the car. No job is bad now... plus Im leavin in less than 4 months so its kinda hard to find one.

Its just a stressful environment. Im just not sure where life is headed right now but Im not about to just dip my toes in and get scared cause its cold. Im gonna do a cannonball and take my life to the next step.